A CBD Candle with a luxury massage oil inside


Lot’s of exposure for the MOi + ME CBD Massage Candle over the past few weeks and we are so pleased to hear you love it!

🕯 DOSE featured MOi + ME 200mg CBD Candle in it’s ‘Hot list’ this month featuring it 'for the perfect date night', 

🕯 ‘Hip and Healthy’ featured it in their newsletter stating 'This luxury massage candle by MOi + ME is perfect for a self-care moment' 

🕯 We do not want to brag too much, but it also appeared in ‘The Telegraph Magazine’ in 'something for the week ahead'.

We couldn't agree more, so much so that we wanted to share more about it if we can.

Its a candle like no other you will ever have tried, its premium packaging that includes a little tip inside 'Quiet the mind, Listen to the Soul' was created for pure relaxation, to allow you to have some 'ME' time which is so important in this busy modern life.

As with any candle, you light, sit back, relax and the scent of Jasmine + sandalwood fill the room taking you to happy place of calm

Once you are ready to truly treat yourself, you blow out the candle and use the 200mg CBD oil to massage the skin.  The warmth from the oil is so comforting, the smells from fragrance is pure luxury and the nourishment of the oil on the skin is light but all the moisture your skin will ever need.

We also love to hear feedback from our customers and Sara kindly reviewed the candle saying 'The massage candle is amazing, luxurious, calming and soothing and the smell takes you to your happy relaxed place.  Highly recommend for those precious me time moments'.

The candle with a twist, it's like bringing the spa treat to home!