October is Menopause Awareness Month and more women are turning to alternative natural remedies

October is Menopause Awareness Month around the world, a time to raise awareness around the natural stage of a woman’s life when difficult symptoms arise.  Women going through menopause can experience low moods and anxiety. 

If you’re suffering from these symptoms, you are not alone.  A recent survey by Anxiety UK revealed that 98% of women report feeling anxiety during the menopause and perimenopause, and that 61% of those women were recommended antidepressants, but many women want to manage their symptoms naturally.

MOi + ME are pioneering to support those women who want to manage their symptoms naturally, and to educate those who didn't know they could. 

Did you know our full collection can offer a natural remedy such as

🌿 Moment Mist is a powerful blend of pure 500mg CBD and peppermint, making it the perfect partner for those low moments.  CBD can impart a feeling of relaxation and calm, while peppermint has long been used to treat depression related anxiety.

🌿 Temple Moment is a perfect partner to help with sleep.  It is a powerful blend of pure 500mg CBD plus beneficial ingredients of lavender to help promote calmness and wellness and Evening Primrose is also known as the night willow herb.

🌿 Massage Candle 200mg CBD to help relaxation to help with those nights when insomnia kicks in. It is made with beneficial ingredients including, Sandalwood oil believed to help treat both physical and mental disorders including anxiety and insomnia.  The scent of Jasmine is known to help alleviate stress & anxiety helping the body unwind.  Lavender oil to help promote calmness and wellness. 

🌿 Moment Balm is a powerful self heating 300mg CBD to help with pain and to relieve tension. The blended ingredients used in the Moment Balm are rosemary, which is a rich source of antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory.  Thyme is a good source for vitamin C and A to give your immune system a boost and lavender oil which all have their own health benefits to help reduce stress, anxiety and even mild pain.