CBD + Self-Care

With the scientifically proven benefits showing that CBD may relieve pain + it could reduce symptoms of anxiety + balance hormones and support women's health generally finding ways to build it into your daily self-care routine is important and here are some tips on how easily add CBD daily

+ CBD to your supplement routine

+ CBD to your skincare regime

+ CBD into your stress management routine

+ CBD into your home fragrance

+ CBD into your sleep routine

Building self-care with MOi + ME

+ Supplement = Moment Mist

+ Skincare = Lip Balm, Cleanse Soaps or Massage Candle

+ Stress Management = Moment Balm or Temple Moment

+ Home Fragrance = Massage Candle

+ Relaxation = Bath Melt, Temple Moment or Massage Candle

+ Sleep = Temple Moment or Moment Balm

+ Pain = Moment Mist, Moment Balm or Temple Moment

Handfuls of self-love with MOi + ME CBD Products

Self-love means something different to everyone and so it should as we are all different. However we should all be making time to fulfil our basic needs like sleeping, eating and breathing. Its helpful if we create small rituals to help support or physical, mental and emotional well being

Self-love should be finding your sense of calm + balance and using natural products can be very beneficial to finding this

CBD can provide a space to help calm, centre, heal and love ourselves. CBD works directly with our ECS system to support inflammation, our immune system and emotions + mood.

It can help maintain our overall homeostasis in the body, which is the state of balance + stability which is so easily lost within the stresses of busy modern life that lead to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated

Although CBD isn’t a cure or a miracle it is a worthy companion on our journey of self-love and our range has been created on moments to give you the space to breath, reflect and find your ‘ME’ again

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” - Deborah Day

Make time to nourish your mind, body and soul. People are no different to flowers, if you water them and care for them they flourish and grow ❤️ x

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