Co-founders Laura + Catherine

About MOi + ME 

MOi + ME understands that it can be hard to get the balance right in life and to allow time for valuable moments of reflection. Our busy lifestyles can often leave us feeling like we have “One Soul, Two Minds” – one “MOi” side of us is thriving externally while the other “ME” side feels tired, worn out and has too much on.

Our high-quality, pure CBD product range has been curated with stimulating flavours and scents to help you build moments of calm into your daily routine. Moments that can allow you the space to simply be you.

We believe in the importance of self-care and self-love – if your conflicting MOi + ME sides can be compassionate to each other, it’s good for your soul and mind.

The MOi + ME founders have first-hand experience of living like this and we are aware that now, more than ever, people need some extra help, whether that be through calming products, tools or helpful tips.  

We’ve designed our high-quality, pure CBD product range to help you bring moments of calm in your daily routine through a combination of stimulating flavours and scents.  
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MOi + ME are a 'Work for Good' partner.  It's our mission to support charities that drive mental health awareness and who are aligned with our vision to remove the stigma around mental health.

During October to raise awareness 10% of our profits will be going to The Centre of Mental Health via our partnership with Work for Good.


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