Moment Mist CBD Oil featured in the Metro 'Mood Boosting Pick-me-ups' for World Mental Health Day 2021

#WorldMentalHealthDay strives to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health; a goal very close to our hearts 

MOi + ME was born from a desire to help people struggling with stress, anxiety and finding balance in their lives. We know, from first-hand experience, how our busy lifestyles can often leave us feeling like we have #OneSoulTwoMinds - one “MOi” side of us is thriving externally while the other “ME” side feels tired, worn out and has too much on.

We've designed our high-quality, pure CBD product range with stimulating flavours and scents to help bring moments of calm into your daily routine and it was great to see our Moment Mist - 500mg peppermint CBD oil featured in the Metro's Hot List of Mood Boosting Pick-Me-Ups