Winter Wellness: Navigating Festive Anxiety with Self-Care and CBD Solutions by MOi + ME

Festive anxiety, christmas stress withe CBD


As the nights grow longer, and the chill of winter sets in, Christmas anticipation can bring joy too many, but for those grappling with anxiety, this festive season may pose challenges. The reduced exposure to sunlight during winter months can disrupt neurotransmitter release linked to anxiety and depression. Coupled with the cold weather, which often keeps us indoors, leading to decreased physical activity and potential inflammation in the brain, the winter months can exacerbate these feelings. The festive season, with its social obligations, financial pressures, and the struggle to meet expectations, can contribute to what is commonly known as festive anxiety.

To navigate through this season of festive blues and anxiety, incorporating self-love and care into your daily routine becomes paramount. MOi + ME acknowledges the importance of finding balance in life and dedicating time for reflection. Our busy lives can sometimes make us feel like we have "One Soul, Two Minds" – a thriving external "MOi" side and a tired, worn-out "ME" side with too much on its plate.

Here are seven daily practices to add to your routine for self-love and care:

  1. Practice Gratitude
  2. Use Loving Words to Describe Yourself
  3. Exercise Regularly
  4. Wrap Up and Get Outdoors More
  5. Have an Hour a Day Without Technology
  6. Find Time to Spend Alone
  7. Drink Water

Combatting the Winter Blues:

No Panic, a registered charity supporting those living with anxiety, recommends the following tips:

  • Get Outside
  • Eat Well
  • Exercise
  • Stay Occupied
  • Communicate
  • Enjoy Yourself

For those seeking additional support during this challenging season, incorporating CBD into your self-care routine can be beneficial. MOi + ME offers a range of high-quality, pure CBD products, expertly curated with stimulating scents to help you incorporate moments of calm into your daily routine. CBD, known for its potential to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation, can be a valuable addition to your winter wellness toolkit.  Try our TEMPLE MOMENT, this product is beautifully scented CBD oil temple roller to promote a dreamy sleep, roll onto your temples or pressure points and breathe to help ease tension. It combines lavender oil, evening primrose oil and 500mg CBD oil.

Tackling Festive Anxiety:

Anxiety UK, a registered charity focused on helping those affected by anxiety, stress, and anxiety-based depression, provides helpful tips:

  1. Don’t Overindulge
  2. Drink Responsibly
  3. Keep Active
  4. Embrace Distraction
  5. Move at Your Own Pace
  6. Make Time for Yourself
  7. Have a Plan for the Party Season
  8. Practice Mindfulness
  9. Know Where You Can Turn to for Support
  10. Prioritise Rest

MOi + ME Products for Self-Care:

MOi + ME understands the struggle of finding balance in life and the added challenges that winter and Christmas can bring. Our high-quality, pure CBD product range, thoughtfully curated with stimulating aromatherapy scents, is designed to help you incorporate moments of calm into your daily routine. These moments provide the space to simply be yourself. 

Christmas Anxiety Self-Care product essentials

🕯️ Massage Candles: Illuminate your home with the warmth of self-care. Our massage candles turn your space into a haven of relaxation.  Light the candle, breathe in the aromatherapy scents, blow out the candle and pour the massage oil directly onto your skin to relax muscles and help promote sleep.
🌿 CBD-Infused Delights: Gift serenity with our CBD-infused range. From a self heating balms to temple rollers, find your bliss and give the gift of calm.
🛁 Luxurious Bath Essentials: Indulge in self-love rituals with our bath bombs. Transform your bath into a sanctuary of tranquility.

As founders with first hand experience of these challenges, we are committed to sharing information and support during this season. Remember, your well-being is our priority. ❤️