Winter Self-Care And Skincare Essentials For CBD Beauty Enthusiasts - Article by FORBES

We love to see our products in the press and this article in Forbes for winter self-care + skincare for CBD enthusiasts features our Moment Balm stating:-


MOi + ME is Britain’s hormone heroine, supporting PMS, PMDD and endometriosis. Providing products, tools and expert tips for supporting healthy hormone health, the brand utilizes high quality, pure CBD to bring sense of ease and calm especially on days when our hormones get the best of us. The Tension Moment Balm infused with 300mg CBD is a soothing twist stick that helps ease the senses and relax muscles. The addition of fragrant lavender immediately creates the feeling of being pampered in a spa—although currently on-the-go. Thyme, an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory natural ingredient, aid in swelling, bloating and overall discomfort of a drab, hormonal winter’s day.

Bianca the writer says 'Dry, dull, itchy, flaking skin was another winter woe that added to the less-than-merry mood of the season. It’s not until you actually see parts of your face fall off when you apply makeup up, or when lips are so chapped to a point where a small smile hurts, that you realize you need need skincare SOS. When it comes to hydrated, glowing and happy winter skin, the key is prevention. Before symptoms of winter blues and skincare woes even begin to set in, give yourself the tender loving care of CBD. Since incorporating this natural ingredient into my daily routine, I’ve witnessed the dramatic yet truly positive changes that it brings to one’s overall well-being. Whether utilized through skincare or as ingested as a mood booster, the addition of CBD to any wellness routine is a game-changing.' read the full article here

We couldn't agree more, although the article featured our Moment Balm, we also have a CBD Lip Balm, CBD Oil and our wild card CBD Candle which turns into a beautifully scented CBD oil for the skin.

No more winter blues or cracked skin if MOi + ME products are involved x