The Best Muscle Rubs of 2022 - Our CBD Balm (Moment Balm) is a winner

Looking for the best muscle rub of 2022?.......... well you don't need to look any further than MOi + ME.  

Our self-heating CBD balm, that not only heats but is blended with Rosemary which is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compound, Lavender that new research is suggesting, that one fragrant compound present in lavender can lessen anxiety by stimulating the nose to pass signals to the brain.  Plus, thyme which has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties & infused with 300mg CBD oil shop now our Moment Balm.

Topical CBD, some research says can significantly reduce intense pain, sharp pain, itchy sensations, and cold.  Other research also suggests that topical CBD may be useful for treating joint and muscle pain..  Topical CBD may also benefit certain skin disorders.

The Independent recently reviewed the best muscle rubs of 2022, our Moment Balm won the best heated balm with an overall rating of 8/10 and the review said...........

Read the full article from Al Barraclough of The Independent here

Our Moment Balm has had some amazing reviews and it forms part of range that was designed to helpful build self-care + love into your daily routine.  No matter what moment you are looking for support with, we are sure we can help.

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