Stress and Endometriosis

April is #stressawarenessmonth and we have been exploring the connection between endometriosis and stress. It’s not fully understood, but research has suggested that stress may play a role in the development and severity of endometriosis.

We can all experience stress from time to time. Tension, over thinking, and mood changes can be signs of stress along with fatigue, digestive problems and pain as physical signs.

Living with a chronic illness like endometriosis that causes pain, unpredictable flare ups, fertility problems and awful periods is going to cause stress and anxiety. About half of the endometriosis warriors also report suffering with it, this is much higher than the general population. Stress is also thought to increase inflammation in the body and make endometriosis symptoms worse.

Some studies have found that stress can contribute to the growth and spread of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus, as well as worsen endometriosis symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

Additionally, stress can trigger the release of hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, that can affect the menstrual cycle and contribute to menstrual irregularities, which are common symptoms of endometriosis.

Finding ways to manage your stress is so important and CBD in research has shown to help reduce stress, anxiety and also pain,

Research into the effects of CBD is still ongoing. But several studies suggest that CBD can have positive outcomes for people experiencing stress.

How does CBD work?

The human body has an active Endocannabinoid system (ECS) with receptors. Its main receptors, CB1 and CB2, run throughout our bodies and studies have shown that they are instrumental to the body running smoothly. CB1 receptors are found particularly in the brain and co-ordinate emotions, mood, thinking and memories. CB2 receptors are common in the immune system and affect inflammation and pain.

Our body produces cannabinoids naturally for this system but sometimes doesn’t produce enough and CBD has been shown to be helpful in balancing this. CBD can provide the body with additional cannabinoids to assist the ECS with maintaining the body’s harmony.

Building CBD into your daily routine

With the scientifically proven benefits showing that CBD may relieve pain + it could reduce symptoms of anxiety + balance hormones and support women's health generally finding ways to build it into your daily self-care routine is important and here are some tips on how easily add CBD daily

+ CBD to your supplement routine

+ CBD to your skincare regime

+ CBD into your stress management routine

+ CBD into your home fragrance

+ CBD into your sleep routine

Building CBD daily with MOi + ME

+ Supplement = Moment Mist

+ Skincare = Lip Balm, Cleanse Soaps or Massage Candle

+ Stress Management = Moment Balm or Temple Moment

+ Home Fragrance = Massage Candle

+ Relaxation = Bath Melt, Temple Moment or Massage Candle

+ Sleep = Temple Moment or Moment Balm

+ Pain = Moment Mist, Moment Balm or Temple Moment

CBD can provide a space to help calm, centre and heal. CBD works directly with our ECS system to support inflammation, our immune system and emotions + mood.

It can help maintain our overall homeostasis in the body, which is the state of balance + stability which is so easily lost within the stresses of busy modern life that lead to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated

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