Living with Endometriosis

Its #Endometriosisawarenessmonth and as Laura our Co-founder knows first hand living with endo isn't fun so this month we are doing all we can to raise awareness and help support sufferers
Today we interviewed Lyndsay King, who suffers with endometriosis,  her and Laura met through the power of social media as they had both been treated by the same consultant, they have built a relationship and Lyndsay has very kindly shared her story on living with endometriosis.
We asked Lyndsay...........

How long have you suffered with Endo?

I have suffered from my first period at 11 years old, each period just got more and more painful.

How long did it take for diagnosis?

I was diagnosed at 24 after being to the gp from the age of 14 with my bad periods. I only got a diagnosis after going private as the nhs stated i didn't show signs of endometriosis

What treatment have you had so far?

I've had 3 ablations, 2 of which I believed were excision but weren't. I have had 1 excision surgery. 4 surgeries total.

Has the treatment helped?

1st surgery caused more pain

2nd and 3rd surgery eased a bit of pain but caused much worse pain else where

4th surgery has really helped eased my everyday pain unfortunately period and ovulation has became really painful again 6 months post op and I've got reoccurring bladder and bowel issues again but i don't blame the surgeon. its just endo unfortunately but this is the most relief I've had in 10 plus years.

What is living life with endo like for you & how has it affected your life?

Endo has really ruined my outside life and career. I'm afraid to leave the house due to all my on going symptoms.

What’s the hardest part of endo?

I don't know if the hardest thing is the pain or the fact your body  lets you down on a daily basis.

What advice would you give to someone who thinks they have it?

The advice i would give to anyone is always research your consultant. Never be afraid to ask for a 2nd or even 3rd opinion..Endo is so hard to diagnose to gynaes who aren't proper trained. If you're in pain fight for treatment don't let them tell you different.

What’s has helped you that you could share with other sufferers?

I've found natural products have helped me more than medication as i don't like affects of strong painkillers. A long hot water bottle, 'Be you' natural patches and your CBD Moment Balm things are key to my pain manageable tools

Lyndsay also shared a really powerful picture and i think this sums up the life of a #endometriosissufferer

Nobody should have to suffer in silence and although we are happy to hear that some of our products and other natural products have helped, we all need to keep striving to raise awareness and end the silence

MOi + ME are giving 10% of March profits to the charity Endometriosis UK, if you would like to support you can donate directly here or shop our range here

Huge thanks to Lyndsay for being so open and honest, we know it isn't easy.  You follow her in Instagram here, she will be giving away some of our products this month xx