How to create a relax evening with MOi + ME


At the end of a long day or week there is nothing better than planning a relaxing evening. When you know its coming it gives you something to look forward to and creating an evening routine allows you to unwind from the day/week down, release the stress and relax before bed.

Preparing your body for a restful night’s sleep is so important as when we sleep better we feel better overall. It restores and rejuvenates the human brain and body. Getting the recommended seven to eight hours each night can improve concentration, sharpen planning and memory skills.

Relaxing your body and mind is also powerful. It can benefit by slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, slowing your breathing rate, improves digestion, maintains normal blood sugar levels, reduces activity of stress hormones, increases blood flow to major muscles and finally reduces muscle tension and chronic pain.

We know here at MOi + ME that planning these relaxing evenings and creating a night time routine isn't easy, so we want to share some simple tips to help build them into your routine regularly. 

1) Exercise

Working out at the end of the day can help release stress hormones and give you the feel-good hormone. Exercising hard to close to bedtime can have the opposite effect, but if you have time for a short workout after work and at least 3-4 hours before bed time it can helps release the stress of the day

2) Talk or Journal

It's important that at the end of the day that you try to let go of the day, talk through anything that may be on your mind or use a journal to write down your thoughts to clear your mind.

3) Turn off devices

The blue light from electronics can alter the body's circadian rhythm tricking you into thinking it's daytime. This affects your melatonin production - your sleep hormone. Give your brain a break and put away electronics at least one hour before bed so that you can relax before bed, not feel wired.

4) Take time to switch off from your thoughts

We all know switching off can be hard but turning down the lights, lighting a candle and either watching your favourite soap, reading a few pages of your book or listening to some music can really help you switch off your thoughts and calm the body and mind

The MOi + ME CBD Candle is the perfect partner for this moment, its scent of jasmine, Sandalwood and lavender will fill the room while you calm and relax

5) Take a bath with a MOi + ME Bath Melt

Light your candle to the bathroom, drop the bath melt and take the most perfect relaxing moment for you

Baths are a great way to relax before bed to melt away stress from the day.  If you are tense from the day then this is a great way to unwind.  Our CBD bath melt is perfect for preventing, calming, and healing the skin whilst relaxing and soothing the body and mind.

6) Nourish the skin

Looking after the skin is another vital part of your routine, our CBD oil which is created when the candle is burnt is infused with Lavender, Evening Primrose, Jasmine & Sandalwood (all of which have known healing properties) 

The Heat from the oil directly on the skin is believed to promote wellness and balance, along with stress relief and healthy skin. Applying warm oil to the body and massaging it in can improve relaxation, blood flow, and general health. The perfect end to a bathing ritual and setting yourself up for a restful night sleep with fully nourished skin.

7) Drink a cup of herbal tea

Caffeine-free herbal teas are a great way to unwind at the end of the day. Try chamomile, lavender, holy basil, lemon balm, or passionflower. These teas can help to relax the body and make you sleepy so you're ready for bed. Some may even help to reduce stress and anxiety that can interfere with falling asleep.

8) Apply Temple Moment Head Roller

Once in bed, use the Temple Moment as the final moment of the day. 

The Temple Oil Roller combines lavender oil which can also help ease anxiety, promote relaxation, and calm the mind before bed. Several scientific studies have explored the use of linalool, the main component in lavender, for anxiety relief and sleep, Evening primrose oil which offer relief from several menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, and disturbance in mood & 500mg CBD Oil. Making this product the perfect sleep partner to relax the mind and soul.

We hope that this gives you the ultimate relaxing night time routine that allows both your MOi + ME to relax.