Christmas with Endometriosis

We know here at MOi + ME what living life with Endo feels like.  It's tough most of the time but as we head towards Christmas it can feel even more overwhelming with the pressure of a busy social diary, lots of food & drink and the expectation for it to be a happy time. 

The dread of a flare up (or just normal every day pain) over the season adds to the anxiety and stress so we wanted to write a little blog to help you prepare

1) Be prepared

Being prepared for a flare up or a bad pain day is so important at this time of Year. Ensure that you have all your prescription meds at hand and all your natural products on order and not forgetting to take your hot water bottle with you when visiting family and friends 

2) Set boundaries

Yes, it is a time for family and friends but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer and ignore your own feelings. If the pain is bad or you feel overwhelmed it’s ok to say. Set your boundaries and don’t allow yourself to let them drop, you being ok and getting through the season is just a important as anything or anybody else.

3) Connect

Laura our Co-Founder relates with this one more than anything else, she’s a strong character and over her 20+ years suffering with endo she’s always found it hard to be open with others about her condition until recent years. She has never wanted to burden or worry others so found it easier not to talk about it but looking back now she knows she should have totally connected with those she loves and who love her. They might not understand because if you don’t suffer with chronic pain it is hard to understand but if you are honest, trust those that love you, connect with they will 100% support you regardless.

4) Embrace your festivities

When you suffer with chronic pain it’s very easy to back away and not enjoy occasions. Christmas is for all, through good and bad so embrace the festive season and don’t feel nervous. As long as you set your boundaries and connect with those you love and love you, you can feel comfortable to relax and celebrate the festive season without fear even if a flare up happens.

5) Know your triggers

Understanding what triggers your flare ups can be difficult, it’s taken me (Laura) a long time but I now know the food, drinks and times of the month that can cause a flare up. If you are still in early stages of endo ensure all the above points have been followed but if you do know your triggers as tempting as it is, at this time of year try not to fall into the trap and suffer later

A chronic pain condition is not easy to live with, endo can destroy you physically and mentally but always know this………

1) You are not alone, use social media to find support and help 
2) We are lucky to have a few great Charities that offer support and helplines. Please seek these out 
3) There are lots of natural products that can help, please do your research and find what works for you 
4) Always have your pain medication to hand 

5) Always be honest about how you are feeling, don’t let anxiety creep in on the top of the pain. It will only make a bad situation worse

Laura finished this blog by saying CBD has been a huge part of my endo journey, I don’t want to make this about our products but if I can help with any advice please reach out through our website chat and I will be more than happy to help

We hope you have a great Christmas filled with lots of love and as endo calm as possible 

Merry Christmas from 1, 1 in 10 to another ❤️ xx

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