Catherine Meardon - Co-Founder MOi + ME

MOi + ME has been set up by Laura Walton and Catherine Meardon, friends and ex colleagues who know first-hand how hard it can be to suffer from anxiety, as well as how important self-care and self-love is.

We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with stress and anxiety during our busy modern lives, so we are passionate about helping our customers by equipping them with a toolkit to help make daily life easier. Here we share our own stories and other helpful blogs.

My motivation behind setting up MOi + ME is seeing how friends have been affected by anxiety and by realising how many people I know are suffering – people who you wouldn’t ever imagine to be.  

The friend who always seems to be doing well and is totally in control isn’t the friend you’d ever expect to have had a sleepless night the night before. And you’d never imagine them sitting in their car, not wanting to catch a train for their meeting.  

And the fun person who always cancels a night out at the last minute or doesn’t answer a call from you makes you assume it’s something you’ve done, rather than how they are feeling themselves.  

This is the classic MOi + ME person – their MOi side is being eaten up with anxiety and hiding the guilt, while their ME side is telling everyone they are fine and in control.

Even though the press is getting better at discussing mental health, I know that people still struggle to be open about their anxiety or don’t fully understand what they are suffering with and don’t know where to turn for help. 

As a friend of someone suffering with anxiety, it’s hard to know what to say or how best to give advice and we wanted to build a brand that could offer more than just our products, through helpful support, tools and tips from experts. 

We’d like MOi + ME to be a place where those suffering with anxiety can find advice from coaches, mindset mentors, and yoga instructors, among others. 

I hope that MOi + ME is a brand that people can go to for reassurance and some helpful tips and we can encourage more people to talk about their story.

I also hope that, as a brand, we can take some of the confusion away from CBD, through our quality products that can be used at various points in day-to-day life.