4 CBD products to help relieve period pain

CBD and period pain

Do you suffer from period pains?

Menstrual cramps affect numerous people throughout their lives. Popular home treatments for menstrual cramps include light exercise, heat therapy and over the counter pain relievers.  

Menstrual cramps are typically common, with approximately 75% of women experiencing cramps during their periods.

CBD products are becoming an increasingly popular option for pain relief. Studies show that CBD might reduce inflammation. As a result, CBD products may benefit people who experience menstrual cramps during their periods.

We would recommend using the following 4 products from our range they not only have CBD but powerful Ingredients to help relax and relieve pain.

  1. Moment Balm This self-heated balm provides targeted pain relief for menstrual cramps.  Rub onto the area you are feeling the pain and let the balm and CBD absorb into the skin.  This can be used as many times as you wish and the small discreet packaging can be dropped into your handbag for when you need a moment,
  2. Massage Candle - If heat therapy is what helps soothe your period pain then you should try the warm oil from the massage candle.  Light the candle and once the shea butter and coconut has melted, blow out the candle and rub the hot massage oil directly onto the stomach or lower back and relax
  3. Moment Mist - For all over body wellbeing, this peppermint CBD oil spray can be taken 3 times a day.  Spray 3 sprays under your tongue 3 times a day or that moment you need it. 
  4. Bath Melt - many women love to take a hot bath to help relieve menstrual pain so by using our Bath Melt the powerful ingredients of lavender and CBD will help relaxation.

This month why don’t you see if one of these CBD products is right for you?